Unlikely friendship forms from academic invitation


Kevin Pagan Perez waits for Michael Olaya to respond to his message about upcoming STEM Quest at MSU.

Geneses Candia

Kevin Pagan Perez sat in the back of the MSU building that was being used for social media day. Michael Olaya, a MSU senior talked to the visitors from Jacksboro High School and Hirschi High School, along with a few MSU students.

*There has never been a better time to be a creator,” senior Michael Olaya said.

Pagan listened intensely as Olaya kept talking about how drones and engineering can give you superpowers. Pagan leaned forward. Olaya immediately captured his attention.

Olaya went on, “Nowadays, it’s impossible to do anything without technology, just because it’s part of who we are now.”

As Olaya kept talking, Pagan became more and more interested. Pagan understood what Olaya was talking about.

After Olaya was finished talking about his presentation, he asked, “Does anyone want to fly a drone?”

Pagan’s hand shot up, as he eagerly waited to be called on. Pagan had never flown a drone before. Excitement built up in him, as he walked to the front of the room. He was chosen first to fly the drone. After he flew it and crashed a few times, the whole room wanted in on the fun. Everyone wanted to fly the drone.

A few minutes after everyone got their turn, Pagan asked Olaya about upcoming events that are happening at MSU, because he wanted to help in engineering and journalism. Olaya and Pagan became friends at that moment. 

Kevin Pagan Perez and Michael Olaya may be eight years a part in age, but they are still friends.