Special Teams coach sees big potential


David Brower

Coach Mathison loves Hirschi's student athletes. A big runner himself, he often pushed players to beat their own personal limits. “They show enthusiasm, and they are hard-working all the time,” Mathison said.

David Brower, Author

Coach Mathison, the special teams coach for Hirschi football, had a glint in his eyes during our interview, as if he could literally see the potential of the Husky athletes.

A former football player himself, Coach Mathison cares about the young men playing football and clearly wants the best for them. Because he is always at every football game supporting his players, he is more than a special teams coach. He is one of their biggest fans.

“[I want] all players to accept coaching, learn good work habits, and develop team unity!” Coach Mathison said with a big smile on his face and a tear of happiness in his eyes as he bragged about Hirschi JV football team. He realizes how good the JV players are and sees the potential of how good they can become.

Coach Mathison has very high standards for the players of the JV football team, but there are only a handful of people who live up to his expectations; those who do are players that all coaches would want. The players who do lead the team are good on and off the field most of the time, but there are two men who rise above the rest.  They lead the team on offense and defense, no matter what the score on the board reflects.

Two players stand out to Coach Mathison: “Freshman Chris Murray and Sophomore Dart Hernandez,” Coach Mathison exclaimed with a prideful face as if they were his own children who just did something amazing to show the world and he didn’t care who knew. They are always ready to go in, and show what they can do, yet they are never afraid to go out and show everybody their best.

He thinks highly of all teams, but he thinks that the JV Blue team excels in many ways on the field because they are always happy and dedicated to be out there. Coach Mathison clearly likes to help his student athletes.

“They show enthusiasm, and they are hard working all the time,” Coach Mathison said enthusiastically about the JV Blue football team who, of course, is obviously one of his favorite teams.