Technology improves learning at Hirschi


Staff photo

Ruth Sterley captures an image on her phone during an assembly. Students are encouraged to use their devices in creative ways.

Marissa Kelley, Author

It was surprising when I realized in some classes we were able to use our devices.” 

When Nyah Kornegay, a freshman tennis player and Class Historian first started school at Hirschi High School, she was stunned to see the use of technology in class. From elementary school all the way up until junior high, she had always been told once she started high school the faculty and administration wouldn’t be so lenient with technology. She’s glad to see that isn’t necessarily the case.

When asked if she agreed with the use of technology in school, Kornegay agreed, nodding her head as she stated her opinion. “I feel using technology in class helps students today, as we’re way more connected to it, and it brings more opportunities.” She was excited to have her views heard, and glad her opinions were positive, showing just how great this school year has been.

As for the opportunities, well those are the many apps and websites created for students to use in school, helping them with their work and studying. “We have lots of different websites we can use, and I feel they can help tons. Though my two favorites are Kahoot and Quizlet, as they can be both helpful and fun at the same time,” Kornegay said. “In my Spanish class we use them for tests, and I’ve been scoring well.”

Not all opinions, however, are the same.

Kornegay claims, “Though I like using technology, I would rather do my work by hand. Maybe it’s a little old fashioned, but it’s what I prefer.” While another fellow freshmen student, also a friend of Kornegay’s, Paola Tovar-Ramirez, has a different view on the situation. “I would definitely rather do my work with technology. I could get all my work done faster that way, and way easier too.”

Students at Hirschi may not seem like it at times, but most of them appreciate the technological opportunities they are given. Both Kornegay and Tovar-Ramirez are satisfied with the technology policy at the school and said they wouldn’t change it.

Along with being able to use your devices to help with school work, students are also able to use them in the hall and during lunch, giving students much deserved free time, even if only for a little while. Kornegay and Tovar-Ramirez both use their phones when they have the time, and along with many others, are happy for the chance. 

So if you’re having second thoughts about Hirschi because of the lack of use of technology, rest assured, students and staff use it plenty.