Do students have enough time to study?

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Do students have enough time to study?

Katelyn Barnes, Multi-Media Journalist

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The American school system tends to put down students whenever they fail a class. Students are often punished with a failing grade, and as a result, feel like they are not as smart as their classmates.

When students don’t understand what they’re learning, some teachers make them fend for themselves and don’t help them pass the subject, but some students are athletes and have a lot of extracurricular activities after school, or maybe something has happened at home and they have to help out quite bit, so they don’t have time to study.

The school, or better yet the teachers, need to understand that some students don’t work at a pace that other students do. They may not have special needs, but they read slower, or do their math at a different pace.

They need to change this by waiting until everyone is caught up, and if they are running out of class time, give them a copy of the notes, or wait until they have a free period to come back and write them down, but don’t tell them that they can’t learn because they’re different.

To add to the problems, students don’t have enough time to study. Some students can’t study outside of school, or don’t have time study, like the ones who are in band or play a sport. Therefore, they don’t pass a test or the class all together. Clearly, students need time to study in school so they don’t have to worry about not being able to study elsewhere.

All students deserve to have a study period or study hall, so that they can have a life outside of school. They need time to do things that teenagers do. They need time with their families.

Some teachers don’t think they should change their ways of teaching, but their ways are very outdated. They think that students are just lazy and trying to get out of work. They aren’t listening to the students when students ask them to slow down. They are not understanding that everyone is different.

A study hall needs to be added to every student’s schedule. Teachers need to start listening to their students and let everyone have a fair chance at passing their classes. This will allow all students the chance at a bright future.