High school should not feel like a prison


Geneses Candia, Author

All schools want to be better. Football fields, tracks, and team uniforms tend to be the focus, but it seems nobody considers the students themselves.

Many students don’t want to come to school. But this is not a new occurrence for high schoolers. Eager to face the world as adults, they feel like their time is wasted. They are bored. They don’t want to sit in a desk while their teacher talks. They are tired of doing book work.

Teachers should make classes more exciting for students. Students should be able to communicate with each other and not just sit in their seats, fall asleep or be on their phones.

Just the smallest things, like going outside or getting to walk around a little would increase student engagement. Students could become more familiar with their peers in new and exciting ways, and as a result, less students would feel left out. Students can help each other out, if given the opportunities to do so. The students would feel excited to be able to do something fun and different. 

Students can also get exercise by getting up out of their seats. Many people might not think we need exercise during the school day, but it is necessary. 

Perhaps teachers are afraid of not being in control. Perhaps they are afraid chaos. But their fear of losing control creates an environment that feels like prison. If they put their trust in students, maybe their fear of chaos would disappear. Students would have more respect for their teachers, and get exercise by walking around with their friends.  

Those who think that students should not be able to move around or communicate are wrong. We are still kids. We need physical exercise as much as we need mental exercise. We are tired of sitting down.

Adults in charge should let us get up and move around. We are forced to come to school. We want to be able to have fun, but we are told that ‘that’s not how the real world works.’

Well, we don’t have the privilege of being in the “real world” right now. At least, let us have fun while we can.