Lack of school spirit fuels change

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Lack of school spirit fuels change

Tenera Williams, Author

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The school spirit here is severely lacking. Pep rallies have little enthusiasm, and there is a very small amount of student participation. The absence of school spirit robs the student body of the exciting high school memories that every student deserves.

As our school years progress, the amount of school spirit has lessened, but it is now time for a change. The amount of school spirit here needs a major adjustment. There should be more school gatherings and special events similar to the ones at Rider High School or Old High. Students should be excited and eager to support their school, and that cannot be done with the deprivation of lively school activities.

However, increasing the school spirit does not necessarily mean increasing the number of pep rallies. Bringing the student body together as one after school hours is key to unifying our school.

There should be more team-building opportunities after school so that all students can come together to make posters for upcoming sports events. When students have the opportunity to become more familiar with each other, the school spirit will grow.

Posters could be used at away games. This would also increase the fanbase that also seems to be lacking. The school could offer an activity bus that would allow students transportation to games with a small fee. Students could pay the fee and receive a ride to and from away games. This in itself would help create school spirit.

In-school activities should also be more inclusive to the student body as a whole. The majority of students who participate in school activities do so after school. Creating more in-school activities would give everyone an opportunity to participate.

This includes better and longer pep rallies. Currently, pep rallies are very short. There should be more inclusion for all students, not just athletes. Longer pep rallies would give cheerleaders and staff more time to get the student body engaged.

Most people come here and are accustomed to the lack of school spirit and go right along with it. Students that do not have school spirit are either shy or become content with this school just the way it is. Either way, having school spirit is very important to every school. Going through another bland and spiritless school year should not happen again.

Students here deserve the very best. That experience could be improved by allowing opportunities for school spirit to grow.