Communication is key, but it’s how you do it that counts


Javen Banks, Author

Senior night was moved to the first home game of the season without the input of the parents and seniors.

Senior night has always been on the last home game of the season, as a farewell to them, but not this year. Some parents are bothered by the decision.

Some have even called to complain, and they want to be heard. Parents that have an issue with having senior night so early in the season should contact Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Danny Youngs, and let him know how they honestly feel about the situation.

Some players and parents aren’t too worried about it. But those who are should stop sending emails and text messages trying to voice their opinions. They need to call Coach Youngs so that they can explain. He might not get the chance to read the long messages he receives.

A message that is too long can easily make someone lose interest in what you are trying to say to them. You could send someone a text every hour of the day, and if they don’t read it, they can’t do anything about it. Calling a person about an issue gives you a better chance of getting through.

Youngs should get every senior on the team, including their parents, to sit down and discuss everything. By doing that, everyone will come to an agreement. Having unresolved disagreements could easily cause an uncomfortable situation.

Seniors that have a problem with senior night are going to need to come together to talk about how they feel. Everything isn’t just about the parents, so the seniors need to voice their opinions, too.

Parents that disagree with the timing of senior night should continue to voice their concerns.

But they should pick up the phone to do so.