Diamond Dreams


Kaitlyn Holliday, Author

Softball is one of the many sports offered to our female athletes.

However, even the most enjoyable sports have room for improvement. With a little love and nourishment, we can become something even better than what we already are. Something that can send us all the way to the championships.

For this to occur we as players must get a better attitude about our sport.  We need to be optimistic about the future of our team and look forward to the games to come.  There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Players could come together after hours and practice on our own, seeking to improve our skills to better our team.  We could also do some team building exercises, like group practices before the season starts, fundraisers, watching college or tournament softball games, or even just hanging out. With this, our respect for each other and our team would increase, making us better as a whole.

We could also recruit new players from the schools that feed into ours.  This way they could get on a team with each other beforehand and have a chance to work with each other and improve before the high school season starts.

We could do this by setting up fliers in the junior highs and elementary schools, visiting their athletic periods to talk to them, and by setting up a Facebook page. This way future softball players can see and learn about our program and they can be influenced to join us for the fun times ahead.

Those who might say that the softball team has no room for growth must not have any trust in our abilities. They have no trust that we have the power to improve. We can though, no matter what anyone else says.

We can get better, even if it takes hours of hard work and all of our hearts.  

To make this dream come true all we need is dirt and dedication.