What to Do About Children in World-Wide Terroristic Domination


Mesonma Alexis Anwasi, Author

All around the world, primarily in the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria, terrorist groups are brutally murdering men, women and children in hopes of eliminating all religions except their own. However, most people don’t know that children, as young as the age of 12, are being recruited to join these same terrorist groups. They are expected to fight in battles and die or to commit suicide, becoming human bombs used as weapons of war. We, as people living in our semi-safe bubble we call the United States of America, rarely, if ever, think about the fact that these kids are trapped–they need help. There are sources telling us about the children and what they are forced to go through, but barely any telling us to take action. If you want to solve a problem, you must always start at the root of it.

Although most children recruited are not located in the U.S. (although some U.S. children have been lured by ISIS members), terrorist children are an issue our government needs to address due to the simple fact that we are trying to stop ISIS. ISIS, as well as other terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, cannot be stopped if they are able to replace all of their members. Something needs to be done; we cannot continue to ignore this.

U.S. leaders should begin to think about why children are chosen to be terrorists. They should look into the brainwashing and recruiting that is being done in the highly terrorized countries themselves. They should identify them and work towards eliminating all institutions of the sort. If anything, people should talk. We need to talk about this so that more people understand what’s going on.

Not every terrorist is a Middle-Eastern man wearing head garments in their mid-40’s, a very detrimental stereotype, if I might add. Yet, most people think of them when they hear the word “terrorist”. What most people don’t know is that many terrorists are people that are suffering, children that didn’t have a choice, and preteens that could not find hope. They are people, young people, and they need to be heard, thought about, and attended to. We need to be a voice to all children who do not have one, not just those that are being killed (though this is very important). We need to be a voice for those that are being forced into terrible, deadly situations.

Children are always the next generation. If we want to put a stop to the reach of terrorism world-wide, we must address them first. The future of this earth is built upon the children of today; you reap what you sow. If more children are raised as terrorists, we can only expect the reach of terrorism to continue to increase. It’s up to us and the adults in our governments all over the world to put a stop to all this.

They must ponder upon what they want their future to look like. They should think about what kind of world they want their children to live in. It’s not all about people who are living in the present; the future generations must be considered, too. If more people today could do that, we could build a life for our children that would be greater than what we are living in ourselves. We must open our eyes and stop this generational curse. The more we ignore this, the worse it will be.

Some people want to stay silent about this issue. They want to act as if it is not important; as if it doesn’t mean life or death for many in our current and future generations. This is wrong. We cannot dismiss problems because we don’t want to think about them or because we believe they are too far out of our reach. It is never too late to make a change.These are children- the future of many countries. It is wrong and cruel to our next generations to do something so wicked as to leave them in a world they will not be able to withstand alone.

We must collectively work to build up our children. We must work with them and look for ways to benefit them, supporting them and raising them in ways that will cause them to be a benefit to society. Even if someone is not directly our child, it is our duties to help so that they also can make the world a better place when they become older. We cannot do that if we continue to allow terrorists to gather children to brainwash and use as human bombs. These establishments must be terminated. We, the people, must speak out and against issues like these, issues that matter. Only then can we rest knowing that we have done our part to sustain a world in which our children will not grow up with suffering and pain.