Bats, Gloves and a Little Determination

Kaitlyn Holliday, Author

Stepping on that field every game, leaving cleat prints in the dust, that’s what brings them back.
All players have different feelings when they walk onto the field, and these are the ones that junior Clemencia Gonzalez decided to share with us.
“I always feel excitement when I walk on. The adrenaline kicks in, and I feel good when all my teammates do their parts,” Gonzalez said, her eyes glowing with the joy that the sport has brought her throughout the years.
Softball is one of those sports that you and your team has to be all in, or it just won’t work, which is what she is here to talk about.
“As a high school team, we need lots of encouragement and we, as players, cannot get down on ourselves. We have to keep each other pumped up and excited for the games and practices. Oh yeah, and lots of practice of course.”
Practice is one of the most important factors to having a successful team. Without practice, no one could possibly get better.
“Practice, practice, practice. Even I still go to lessons in pitching and hitting to improve my techniques.”
Even a veteran softball player of 10 years still needs plenty of practice, she states humbly.
“I started playing when I was seven, my mom forced me to try out,” She giggled at that last bit, “I kind of just ran with it after that.”
Softball is one of those sports that keeps you wanting more, more runs, more catches, more stolen bases, and more team mates.
“If anyone wants to join they should come out and practice with us, if you haven’t played before, all the senior players would love to help you out.”
This enthusiasm brings more players to the field, which means more good plays, more positive feelings and more loving memories.