Net neutrality needs to stay


Sharalyn Fontenot

This generation really knows nothing other than the freedom of the internet. They rely on it for school, social media, and information they won’t be informed of on the local television news. With Net Neutrality people can have all of those things with no problem and go on do what they want for a small amount each month or so, but the government is trying to take all of that away. They want to give the internet to people in packages instead of letting everything be its own site or app, things like Instagram, Youtube, Google, and more will each cost money every month and depending on what you want, you could have to pay more. The government will be able to take away what things you can and can’t see on the internet, make certain sites slower or faster, and put a restriction on more things. Essentially you will be paying more money for less internet.

This is unconstitutional. This will not only affect the many people who enjoy social media, but people with jobs and education. Seeing as the government will be able to restrict whatever they want, they could very well block things going on in the world from people and distract them with other things. It will be harder for people to find jobs, and students to learn more information on the subjects that teachers can’t go as in depth in.

In order to stop this from happening the citizens of America would have to contact congress in any form they can, whether it be through email, text, calling, etc. This should not go unnoticed, everyone should be doing everything that they can to prevent this new bill from passing through. It affects everybody.

If enough people contact congress then they’ll take what the people want into consideration rather than just blindly voting on a bill that will hurt rather than help. It will be five people who are voting and if at least three people decide to keep the Net Neutrality than everything will be fine and continue as it was befoe.

The people who are voting to repeal Net Neutrality believe that it’d be better to control the Internet, but there is obviously an ulterior motive for why they would want to have full control of what people can and can’t view. The government doesn’t seem to care that this will affect everyone who uses the internet and not just Americans themselves.

Repealing free internet is horrible on many levels, like what was stated before it is not only unconstitutional, but it will also hurt people who are of the lower class the most, and the government knows that. With the way that it will be set up to cost so much for each and every thing people who could barely afford having regular internet will surely not be able to afford the restricted internet. This causes a domino affect of people not being able to find jobs to help support themselves and children being less educated because they don’t have the internet to help them learn. The rich will stay rich will stay educated and informed while the poor will turn to poverty and no education at all.

Net Neutrality needs to stay. It is what helps people keep their jobs, stay educated, and be informed of the world around them. Without it, the government could do whatever they want and the people of America would have no clue.