For the future

Cadet works to pave his own way


Cadet 1SG, Seng Hor stands at parade rest at the Veterans Day Ceremony. Hor looks to his future in the army as a leader.

Sonya Ganeshram, Author

It was a brisk, cool morning at Hirschi on November 10. The front of the school was crowded by students, faculty, and the family and friends of the late Stephen Cantrell who died in a Blackhawks accident and was to be honored at the day’s ceremony. The silence was so prevalent you could hear the metal halyard hit the flagpole from the light breeze.

The Hirschi Veterans’ Day Ceremony honored all of the faculty members who served and offered a memorial to former student, Stephen Cantrell. The event was put together by the JROTC battalion with much student leadership involved in the organization and running of the service. Cadet First Sergeant, Seng Hor put his leadership to the test to properly honor the Veterans in our Hirschi community.

“The Veterans’ Day ceremony was extremely important to me because it honors the men and women who have served and made the sacrifices of things that we civilians sometimes take for granted,” Hor stated.

The ceremony meant even more than words can speak to Cadet Hor because of his desire to protect the flag just as the honored veterans did.

“All of the Veterans that have either passed, or are currently still living, are the people in which I look up to. They set my standards for me, they set my goals. It would be an honor to follow their paths, walk where they have walked, and to truly honor them by remembering and carrying their history by living it for myself,” Hor elaborated.

Hor plans on serving in the United States Army after high school and joined JROTC to prepare himself both mentally and physically for his future as an enlisted soldier.

“From my point of view, the Army seems like a place where I can feel a sense of belonging and importance. And the thought of being a leader in the United States Army gives me a purpose in life.”

Hor also owes his leadership knowledge to JROTC. He believes that through the program he has learned invaluable lessons as a student leader to prepare him for the future.

“Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do and how they should live, it’s about inspiring others to rise to the challenge and to overcome every adversity that hinders their lives. Leadership prepares me for the future because I not only want to live for the present, but for the future as well.”