Phones become emotional support systems


Sherri Oliver, Author

The phone is very addictive because many teens use it as an escape from negative feelings.

This has become a problem. When students consistently depend on their phones for moral support, they depend on a device rather than someone they trust.

We should put our phones down so we can have quality time with our families. We should take time to talk to our loved ones.

For example, when it is time to eat dinner, phones should be put away. Our lives should not be our phones. Our lives should be a series of personal interactions.

It is important to spend time with our families because one day we won’t have each other.

When it comes time for a family member to move on from this life, it is important that we did our very best to understand who they were as individuals.

This is not happening because people are too addicted to their phones. Our phones have become our main form of relaxation.

We should depend on those we trust instead of turning to our devices as our sole means of communication before it’s too late.