From Orange and Black to a Husky attack


Richard Cleaver

Senior Jaylen Cox attacks the Burk Bulldogs. Cox dribbled the ball toward the goal to make a shot. "It's like ... we can be friends and all, but when it comes to a game, there are no friends on the court," Cox explained of his former friends from Burk.

Tenera Williams, Author

The stands are crowded, full of fans. Their feet are glued to the floor, as they watch in amazement. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion, as if the audience is in a trance. The smell of popcorn, perspiration, and perseverance invade everyone’s senses. With the loud cheering of the fans and cheerleaders, it is impossible for everyone not to join in.

This is the highlight of the school’s basketball season. The Burkburnett and Hirschi rivalry can be traced back for decades. Fans from far and wide come to watch this exciting event. Although for many years Hirschi has came out on top, it is always a game to remember.

“I love how dynamic the atmosphere is as I’m playing,” senior Jaylen Cox admits.

This ongoing rivalry is all too familiar to Cox. As a former Bulldog, Jaylen now suits up every Friday night in scarlet red and Columbia blue.

“I came to Hirschi because it was a better opportunity in sports and to further my education,” Cox said.

He decided to make the switch his junior year. The IB Program was the first thing that caught his attention. Although he ended up dropping the program, he later revealed that being in the program did expose him to a new way of learning.

However, the learning atmosphere was not the only adjustment Cox had to make. The style of basketball Burkburnett plays is very different than Hirschi’s.

“The difference between Hirschi and Burk is that our main goal is to defend at a high level and compete, while Burk likes to run and gun.”

It quickly became apparent to Jaylen that he was no longer playing with the Bulldogs. Although Hirschi has amazing shooting abilities, it is defense that wins games, and defense is another strong attribute Hirschi has. Cox knew he had to step up his game in order to play up to the level of his new team.

“When I came to Hirschi, I did not know how to play defense as well as the other players because I was not used to it. After playing under Coach Hedge, it has improved my performance on the defensive end,” Cox explained.

Cox knows he and his team have room for improvement. But this knowledge is what helps drive the athletes forward. This knowledge gives them the challenge they need to play the game they love so much with passion.

“This is my last rivalry basketball game, so I have to go out and perform my best,” Cox said.