Living in the moment


Katelyn Barnes, Author

Cellphones are not making the world a bad place. If anything, they’re making it better. The world is changing, and we’ve made so many advancements in technology. People from past generations don’t like the way the world is changing, but we are the future, not them. We’re the ones that are going to be living in the technology-filled future of this world.

Society is making social media be seen as a thing that teenagers use just to gossip and bully and talk bad about other people, but really, it’s a way for people that are shy and insecure to come out of their shell and build up confidence in the real world.

We shouldn’t just give up all of the hard work that people did to get to where we are now with smart phones. We just need to find a way to be with friends and family without sitting in silence playing games or scrolling through Facebook.

We need to start limiting phone usage, not completely, but enough to where we can actually acknowledge and take in our surroundings. When you’re sitting at dinner with your family, everyone should leave their phones in their rooms so conversation can take place. When you go out with friends, maybe you can find out something you never knew about a person and start an actual conversation with them instead of sitting in silence on your phones.

This generation has grown up around technology and cell phones, and it’s the only way we have ever known. Our parents gave us a phone once we were old enough to work it and let us go off on our own. They didn’t give us any rules or guidance as to when to use it and when to not use it.

Obviously, we can’t change our generation now. But from now on, we need to teach younger kids to not have as much screen time. Teach them to live in the moment, start conversations with people and make new friends.

As the next generation grows up, two things can happen: They will either know how to limit their use of phones, or technology will take over.  

So, next time you’re with friends or family, put your phone down and talk to them. Learn something new, and make new friends.