Schools should teach, not kill


Katelyn Barnes

American public schools are now considered unsafe by many. Whether it be school shootings, fights, or kids deciding to bring guns to school, the places where we educate our children are now considered dangerous.

We cannot allow more innocent children to die like those who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 in Parkland, Florida because next time, it might be your own children.

In all schools, especially our own, we need to start locking outside doors so nobody can just walk in acting like a student.

Another solution would be to give students a card that can only be used during school hours. These cards would grant access into the building. If a student becomes a threat, then the card would be taken away, and they would have to attend a school outside of the building.

Students shouldn’t be scared to go to school.

They should be worried about passing their classes, not getting shot.

The most effective way to stop school violence is to have gun control laws. They should not be taken away completely. Guns are too precious to some people, and they make them feel safe in their homes, but there should be more restrictions on them.

We should have mandatory tests that gauge the mental competence for anyone who purchases a gun. And stick to it.

Most school shootings happen with AR-15’s, but citizens should not have access to them in the first place. No ordinary person needs an assault rifle. It is not necessary to own an assault rifle to feel safe. We should leave those types of guns to the military.

In addition to this, violence on social media is at its highest. The gunman in Florida had a social media page on Instagram that showed him posing with guns and pictures of all of his guns laid out on his bed.

Also, violent images and videos are too easy to access on the internet, causing even small children to see disturbing images that can stick them for life.

We need to monitor violence people post on social media. We need to put limits on parents so that they are not allowing their children to spend their days playing video games where they kill other people and get rewarded for it.

Some people don’t believe that we should have gun laws because they love guns too much, but we need these laws because innocent people are getting murdered. This is a crisis that needs to be put to an end.

We need to aggressively address school shootings and mass murders before more innocent people get killed, especially in schools, where children are losing their lives. We need something to change, and we have to be the change we want to see.