Join Key Club!


Hirschi Key Club volunteers pose for a picture at the Fantasy of Lights at Midwestern State University.

Sarayu Malireddy, Editor-in-Chief

As we head into the second semester, let us make it a goal to continue to serve our community in spite of the obstacles that Covid-19 has caused this school year. With this in mind, I encourage you to join our Key Club and to remain a devoted member throughout your high school years!

As a member, you would not only accumulate community service hours for attending weekly meetings and monthly community events, but you would also open up a plethora of opportunities to help you build leadership skills as you interact with people both in and out of our town. 

(Designated safety measures will be taken due to the pandemic.)

You can even apply to hold officer positions in the club as you gain more experience.

Remember to keep your options open as you progress throughout the year and feel like lending a helping hand to those in need or celebrating a community-wide holiday with a little more vigor! 


If you are interested in joining, please consult the following emails for more information:


President: [email protected]

Current Supervisor: [email protected]