Bowling For Dreams

Bowling For Dreams

Faith Erhard, Senior Editor

Jaret Reddick was a well-loved child.

He rode in the front seat of the car because his mother didn’t trust the backseat to keep him safe. At two years old, it wasn’t unusual to see him standing up front in the middle with his mother or father’s arms protecting him in place of a seat belt.

“He would stand up and harmonize with me as we sang along to the radio.”

Jaret Reddick is lead singer of homegrown Bowling for Soup. Sherrie Reddick is his mother. And it wasn’t difficult for her to sit and talk about his childhood and rise to fame for an entire class period.

“I had to let go of him in the sixth grade,” she said. “It wasn’t easy. You may not be able to tell, but it’s hard for me to talk about,” Mrs. Reddick said.

It’s the dream that people often give up on. They don’t believe in themselves. Or maybe they do not have anyone who believes in them. But Sherrie believed in her son and as he grew older she noticed that his talent for music was unimaginable.

“In the sixth grade, we bought him a drum set that he practiced on constantly.”

But Jaret’s musical fascinations continued to grow. In high school, Jaret’s love for music devoured his free time.

“Jaret was different from other students. He didn’t party or any of that stuff. He just played his music,” Sherrie said.

When Jaret asked his mother for a guitar, she immediately encourage the idea. Mrs. Reddick told him to use brother’s guitar. And ever since, Jaret has been dedicated to his music.

Jaret’s passion for music allowed for other’s to see a new aspect of his personality. It was as if each time he played, Mrs. Reddick learned something new about her son. “There were lots of things I didn’t know until Jaret wrote a song about it.”

After high school, the band kept working hard. Bowling for Soup moved to Denton in hopes of more exposure. And they were doing good things. But the band was still waiting for a break. The very same break that many want but few actually get.

“Ok, we’re here, we’ll play for free if you’ll let us play,” Mrs. Reddick said, mimicking what her son would say so that venues would give them the opportunity to play. They did this a lot in Denton and throughout the state.

She relayed behind-the-scenes information about a man who spoke to the band about opportunity. But Jaret shrugged it off. After all, the music scene is full of empty promises.

“He was staying at a friend’s apartment when he looked out the window the next morning and saw a limo.”

The man who spoke of opportunity the previous night took Jaret to breakfast. He then offered him a record deal that would change his world forever. Jaret then signed with Jive record amd moved to New York City.

What are the odds that a highschool band, Bowling for Soup, would embark on a journey that spanned across four albums from 1994 to 2002.

Bowling For Soup released it’s first full-length album called “Rock On Honorable Ones” in 1998. As of now, Jaret Reddick’s music career has exspanded all the way to England.

“He will continue his musical career until someone boos him off the stage, and that hasn’t happened yet,” said Mrs. Reddick.

While the band was waiting for Jaret’s oldest child, Emma, to be born, they received more news. “All of Bowling for Soup’s phones went off … [but] they ignored it.” But when the phones didn’t stop ringing, one of the members decided to answer it.

“A Dallas station was calling for an interview with Bowling For Soup because they had been nominated for a Grammy.”

Bowling for Soup was nominated for the best Pop Performance by a group with vocals. The song, “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”, sent the excited band to the Grammy’s in 2003. Although they lost to No Doubt’s “Hey Baby” the boys were very grateful to have received a Grammy nomination.

Since their incredible start, they have released seven albums and performed music for multiple cartoons. Bowling for Soup has done music for Scooby Doo, Jimmy Neutron and Phineas and Ferb.

Jaret has now started his own record label called Crappy Records. To this day, Bowling for Soup continues to work hard for their music. The band have pledged to continue performing until they are booed off stage. So far, no audience has dared to.